If Kpop Fandoms Were High School Kids

  • Exotics: That fucking weird kid who sits in the back of the classroom mumbling to them-self and laughing while everyone scoots away in fear of catching their crazy
  • ELFs: The perverted delusional class clown who tries to sleep with everyone in class, yet never manages to score with anyone
  • VIPs: The delinquent/badboy who just doesn't give a fuck about rules and will do what the fuck they want when they want to
  • HOTTESTs: The asshole player who has, will and probably is sleeping with your girlfriend because he'll always be better looking then you
  • Black Jacks: The outspoken diva who will kick your ass without even batting an eyelash if you say something to offend her
  • Sones: The stuck-up queen bee that's actually cool when you get to know her, but she acts like a bitch because she has an image to uphold
  • Babys: The resident angel of the school who everyone adores until you piss them off, and then they scare the shit out of you because how can such a cute face be so scary
  • Shawols: The new kid who just wants to know what the fuck is going on and why everyone is so weird
  • Cassies: The emotional drama nerd who is obsessed with 1950's throwback plays and lives their life vicariously through dramatic romance novels and soap operas.
夜空に浮かんだ i still believe星が文字を描き出すのは it’s no coincidence偶然じゃないと that the stars floating in the night sky今もまだ信じてるよ form that letter

Santa Barbara 
From Cereal Volume 3
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    " I’m sorry that I was and now not

    Yours. “


27th of June
    n. The inability to verbalize your emotions or lack of emotional response. Difficulty in experiencing, expressing, and describing emotion. A failure to express feelings either verbally or non-verbally, especially when talking about issues that would normally require an emotional response. Poor modulation of feelings, significantly reduced intensity in emotional expression. (via unsung-memories)
  • pros of the tfios movie: good casting, true to the story, got the intended point across, made me laugh, made me cry
  • cons of the tfios movie: did not include the line "hump the moist cave wall"
  • Memories.

    Don’t have to be Epic.

    No need the details or long minutes.

    They will always be more of Bitter than honey Sweet.

    You don’t regret for the wrong moves or decisions;

    but rather the relief of letting everything to imprint.

    Looking back, I’m still thankful for it, and will forever be.

    Because you’ll never know how the Poem was You.

    "And remember. Just how precious and amazing your existence in this world is."
    Jaejoong (Twitter updated)

Well, this is just bad news for everyone.